Santa Monica’s Super League Gaming is the first esports company to go public today as it started trading on Nasdaq. Going by the symbol SLGG, Super League Gaming is focused on the amateur esports community. The company’s Chairman and CEO, Ann Hand discusses Super League Gaming’s market and focus.

Source: Cheddar
Super League Gaming – Share price on first day of trading

At the start of the first day of trading the company was offering 2.27 million shares, at $11 a share. By the end of the first day of trading, Super League had raised $25 million while the share price slide to $8.49 a share, for a total decline of 23%.

Founded in 2014, Super League is a unifying community for amateur esports players. Through premium in-person and digital events and leagues featuring top-tier games such as League of LegendsMinecraft and Clash Royale, Super League provides competitive video gamers with opportunities to experience their sport like the pros within a social environment that fosters positive communication, good sportsmanship and teamwork. Super League’s proprietary technology platform transforms local movie theaters, PC cafes and restaurant and retail venues into esports arenas, facilitating critical components of successful competitions such as player match-making, tournament operations, data visualization, and local and national live broadcasts, all across a wide variety of competitive formats.