In a blog post, Kabam founder Kevin Chou announced he was starting up a new blockchain gaming platform called Forte. Additional co-founders include Brett Seyler, formerly with Unity and GarageGames, Kabam COO Kent Wakeford, Weiwei Geng, prior executive producer at Kabam, and investor Mahesh Vellanki.

In his blog post Chou provides the following overview of the company:
“Today, I am excited to announce Forte. I’m passionate about taking everything my team and I have pioneered over the last 10 years in cloud gaming, gaming-as-a-service, and yes, free-to-play. Forte’s mission is to build a more collaborative future in gaming by realigning the economic relationship between players and developers. We are accomplishing this with an ambitious set of products and platform technologies which we will unveil over the coming months — stay tuned!”