The CGX Mentor Lounge is Heading to GDC – Monday March 19th 5:00pm – 6:30pm, with reception to follow.

This will be the largest mentoring event in Game Industry history with over 100 industry leaders mentoring in 1-on-1 sessions in all areas of Game Development. It will also have a diversity focused track teaching studios how to hire diverse teams and create positive and inclusive work cultures.

The CGX Mentor Lounge are designed to give developers a chance to learn, one-on-one, from industry leaders in a positive and inclusive environment

The event is happening the first evening of GDC, March 19th 5pm – 6:30pm at Jillians, with reception to follow.  Each mentor will meet 4 mentees in short sessions. The event is extremely diverse and positive and we would love some more leaders to give back! 

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You can find additional information on the CGX Mentor Lounge site, including Mentor bios:

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Want to become a mentor? Apply on the mentor signup button below, or email Jillian for more info 

Want to learn more about CGX and the Mentor Lounge series? Find more informaiton here: CGX Mentor Lounge.