3rd Eye Studios has closed a $1,000,000 round of funding for the games development and technology studio. The funding from main investors includes ColoplNext/ColoplVRFund, Karl Magnus Troedsson, Sisu Game Ventures Oy, GameFounders, Success (China) Limited and a group of private investors.

3rd Eye Studios will use the funds to develop its proprietary 3rd Eye Core tools and technology, whilst simultaneously building innovative, cutting edge games for new platforms such as virtual reality, including the ambitious VR game saga Downward Spiral.

Executive Team at 3rd Eye Studios

“The round of investment has allowed the 3rd Eye Studios team to continue our role in bringing the best development tools for multi platform games development, to software developers, hobbyists and players”, said Kari Koivistoinen, CEO of 3rd Eye Studios. “At 3rd Eye Studios part of our mission is to build the next generation of game development tools, with our unique toolset 3rd Eye Core that can be used by by both consumers and developers to create awesome new content.”

“It took me less than thirty minutes to decide to invest in the 3rd Eye Studios team,” said Karl Magnus Troedsson, ex-Vice president of Group Strategy at Electronic Arts and investor behind startup’s including Raw Fury. “An awesome team with great skills and the right attitude, combined with a solid plan on how to build a games development platform, made this a simple decision.”

“We felt a strong synergy, with a development team who are invested in the strategy of  developing games and game tools simultaneously, to understand and build tools that game studios truly need”, said Daiki Nishiyama of ColoplNext. “We’ve been blown away by their own IP Downward Spiral and under the helm of CEO Kari Koivistoinen, who has a long history of leading teams to create great IP and CTO Veli-Pekka Kokkonen who will continue to create the incredible technology, we are excited to see the studio’s next steps.”

3rd Eye Studios’ VR Game – Downward Spiral: Prologue

Downward Spiral: Prologue


3rd Eye Studios’ Tool 3rd Eye Core

3rd Eye Studios’  games development toolset, 3rd Eye Core, allows for fast and effective game design for virtual reality, PC and mobile platforms. Scheduled for launch to the games development community in 2018, 3rd Eye Core is currently in testing in China and Finland. The studio’s upcoming VR game, Downward Spiral: Horus Station, is scheduled for launch in early 2018.

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