Microsoft acquired Simplygon on Jan. 17 for an undisclosed amount to further develop Microsoft’s “3D for Everyone” vision. Simplygon, which developed by Donya Labs AB, a privately held company based in Sweden, develops 3D-optimization solutions for game developers, focusing on helping developers create 3D content faster, streamlining the workflow.


This saves AAA game studios up to 14 work weeks through Simplygon’s automated system versus a company’s manual process of 3D optimization. Simplygon CEO Matt Connors spoke at Greenlight Insights’ VRS 2016 about the company’s solution for VR/AR.


With HoloLens and a range of VR headsets, Microsoft continues to take a leadership position in VR and AR. The support for 3D creation tools in the Windows 10 Creators Update will benefit from Simplygon’s 3D-optimization solutions, which renders 3D objects more efficiently. At a time when getting publishers to support new solutions is incresingly difficult, Simplygon has done an acceptional job, with partnerships that include Ubisoft, 2K, Konami, and Telltale. With Simplygon’s added focus on enterprise markets, the Microsoft acquisition is well attributed. Additionally, Simplygon will broaden the accessibility to computers with older and slower graphics cards.

The following graphic provides an overview of how Simplygon addresses scene optimization for cross-platform development:

We are optimistic about the acquisition given that at this early stage in the market it is critical to develop VR/AR content creation to reach the widest available market to both for consumer and enterprise. We look forward to learning more about how the Simplygon solutions will be integrated into Microsoft’s larger strategy.