This summer uSens is opening its developer support program called uDev. uDev will support uSens’ first developer kit, dubbed FINGO.

FINGO hardware is uSens’ lightweight mobile stereo IR input sensor that connects to almost any style of ARVR system. FINGO software integrates 26DOF hand and 6DOF head position tracking within virtual experiences, using the FINGO hardware.

Tracking natural body motions in AR and VR is an important technical feature that allows the ARVR experience to become hands-free, often mimicking real life actions and gameplay.

Microsoft recently identified hand tracking as one of their focuses to bring new human computer interaction (HCI) to PC end users.

Purdue University’s Donald W. Feddersen, recently stated, “If your hands can’t interact with the virtual world, you can’t do anything. That’s why the hands are so important.”

FINGO provides this important hand and head position tracking technology to developers:

  • uDev is currently finalizing early beta support with a limited number of ARVR developers.
  • uDev will support C++, Java, and Unity 3D development environments with additional IDE support to follow.
  • Closed FINGO Beta Support will begin in July 2016 followed by an open Beta later in the Summer.
  • Closed FINGO Beta devs will be required to enter into mutual NDAs as well as provide developer feedback for FINGO improvements. In addition, uDev will provide gratis devkits, free online developer support, as well collaborate with interested developers to produce public demonstrations of their content using FINGO technology.
  • Early FINGO adopters are invited to sign-up starting on July 18, 2016 and anytime thereafter

FINGO support will enhance games, UI/UX, virtual simulations and training, and many more (currently) peripheral dependent experiences. A wide spectrum of ARVR verticals will benefit from FINGO too, including education and R&D, entertainment (360 movies and live events), medical (devices and patient/doctor relations), real estate and travel, automotive and much more.

Following uDev will be commercial product releases that support FINGO technology combined with partner HMDs and ARVR platforms for consumers.

Interested developers are invited to follow uSens Twitter for uDev updates as well as sign-up starting in July at