At E3, GBR had the pleasure to catch up with Jon Von Caneghem (frequently known as “JVC”), founder and CEO of VC Mobile Entertainment, to learn all about his new game venture, Creature Quest.

Founded in 2015, VC Mobile Entertainment is on a mission to bring the magic touch of their founder (creator of Might and Magic and Heroes of Might and Magic) to mobile. While it’s a new quest for the company, the staff is comprised of seasoned pros. The VC Mobile team has decades of experience creating award-winning mobile, PC, console, and online games. They love playing games and making games people love to play.


The company’s first game is Creature Quest (shown above). Creature Quest is a F2P game (on iOS only at the moment) that is a blend of Collectible RPG and Strategy. Fans of Might and Magic and Heroes of Might and Magic will find some elements that are familiar. Players embark on Quests to explore new realms while encountering a variety of Creatures, battles and obstacles along the way. There are over 500 Creatures with powerful abilities to collect and upgrade. There’s also a unique PvP mode, allowing players to use their Creature collection to build their own dungeons and challenge other players for great rewards.

Jon claims, “We are certainly all fans of the RPG with strategy genre ourselves, and wanted to build a game we all love to play. Some notables here… certainly around the Quests – the discovery and adventure adds a lot of depth that RPG and adventure gamers will appreciate. The battles and creature collection contain multiple layers of strategy that also provide depth, in addition to some fun innovations in the category. Also, we have built a pretty unique PvP mode where you can build a dungeon with your creatures for others to try and defeat.”


Jon’s focus right now is Creature Quest, which is constantly expanding with new creatures, new quests, and more.


Creature Quest hasn’t launched globally yet – it’s still in soft launch in HK, AUS, NZ, IRE and the NL on iTunes. The company is advertising in limited fashion in those markets to support those launches. According to Jon, “We’ve seen some good pick up there and are planning to build upon that momentum when we officially launch. We’ll also increase our marketing spend when that launch happens.” We are honored that VC Mobile has been providing GBR some early looks, which we are happy to share publicly.

There are a number of elements in Creature Quest that should appeal to the Might and Magic and Heroes of Might and Magic fanbase, such as the battles and art style. Those same elements, coupled with the quests, PvP play and the ever-expanding game elements, brings unique aspects to the mobile gaming space, which the creators feel will appeal to game players of all ages and genders.


Asked about the technology that fuels Creature Quest, GBR was informed the team used Marmalade and a set of new tools developed internally that sit on top of Marmalade.

When asked about the potential market opportunity for a new mobile game in a highly saturated mobile games market,  Jon says, “We’ve seen some amazing mobile games come to market in the past few years, but we also see a lot of areas where the gameplay is ripe for new innovation,”  “The assistance of our partners and the experience of our talented team has enabled us to explore those new areas and to build a new type of mobile game for phones, phablets and tablets.”

Jon is a veteran video game developer who has plenty of experience with the ups and downs of the game industry. In 1983, Van Caneghem founded New World Computing, a publisher and developer of PC and console games. After developing and selling a number of best-selling strategy titles, (including the award-winning Might and Magic and Heroes of Might and Magic series), Van Caneghem sold New World Computing to 3DO in 1996. He then went on to found Trion World Network, an independent developer of MMORPG and MMORTS games, and later joined Electronic Arts to head up the Command & Conquer brand. He is now bringing his proven strategy game design experience and his entrepreneurial skills to his latest venture.

You can find the Creature Quest game trailer here.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, VC Mobile Entertainment was officially launched in 2015. Tencent is an investor in VC Mobile.

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