Open Gaming Alliance (OGA) Also Launches New eSports Special Interest Group

OGA_LightBG_ColorThe Open Gaming Alliance (OGA), a non-profit association focused on the games industry business, today announced Azubu, the global entertainment network focused on eSports, as the latest company to become a Corporate Member. Azubu joins other industry leaders such as Intel, Dell/Alienware,Logitech, Razer, Unity, Webroot, Lenovo, Ubisoft and the recently announced Nexosis and DinoPC in supporting the OGA’s efforts to provide leadership and opportunities; and encourage growth and diversity within the games business ecosystem.
Azubu delivers high-definition live and on-demand action from eSports tournaments, teams and players alongside a range of related programs to multiple devices worldwide through its superior video player. The experience is enhanced by in-depth editorial and statistics, and the seamless interaction with other viewers via real time chat. Azubu supports the growth of competitive gaming through strategic partnerships with players, publishers and brands. Azubu recently announced it has raised nearly $60 Million to grow its global eSports network.
“Collaboration is key in any space, but doubly so in a rapidly developing industry like eSports,” said Ian Sharpe, Azubu’s CEO. “As Azubu continues to grow, we are excited to be more involved in thought leadership organizations, and we definitely see OGA as just that. We’re excited to see how these discussions will accelerate an already thrilling 2016.”
With the addition of Azubu as a corporate member, the OGA is also launching a new eSports Special Interest Group, which will be co-chaired by Azubu’s Sharpe and Drew Holt-Kentwell, founder and managing director of Catalyst eSports Solutions. The eSports SIG will be focused on promoting growth, research, best practices and opportunities in eSports, as well as providing a forum for discussing issues related to this rapidly growing sector.
“Already a $748 Million industry, eSports is estimated to grow to $1.9 Billion over the next few years, encompassing not just the PC, but mobile and console segments,” said Wanda Meloni, executive director of the OGA. “With such rapid expansion, the insight, vision and leadership that companies such as Azubu and the eSports SIG can provide is crucial to the OGA, its members, and to the industry as a whole.”
About the Open Gaming Alliance (OGA): The Open Gaming Alliance is a non-profit association focused on the games industry business. From development and game play, to platform innovation and business opportunities, the OGA and its member companies support growth, leadership and opportunities for the games industry.

About Azubu: Azubu is a global entertainment network focused on eSports, providing unparalleled gaming, viewing, and interactive experiences for both broadcasters and the community. Coming together to watch the biggest names and tournaments, users across the globe engage in the highest definition eSports content. Created for and driven by the community, Azubu delivers a “lean-in” experience for viewers to interact with their favorite games, players, and organizations, while empowering broadcasters with unique toolsets, superior streaming technology, and more. Azubu was founded in 2011, and is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Seoul and Vancouver. For more information, visit

 Editorial note: Ian Sharpe, Azubu’s CEO, will be speaking on a panel entitled E-Sports and Championships: New Universe of Excitement as part the upcoming Digital Hollywood CES. The panel will be held January 6, 2016 from 3:30-4:30 PM at the LVCC, North Hall, Room B264.