Apple has thrown its hat into the ring to pursue augmented reality by acquiring Metaio.  Metaio, a German based AR startup, has made a augmented reality app for Italian auto maker Ferrari. With over 100 employees, the company has been focused on industrial applications since 2003.

Metaio products cover the AR value chain from product design, engineering, operations, marketing, sales and customer support.

  • Metaio SDK – The metaio SDK allows developers to use content without prior encryption. No offline tools or server side encryption is needed when generating and deploying 3D assets and tracking patterns. The SDK is currently supported on Android, iOS and Windows with an additional plugin for development in Unity3D for Android, iOS, Windows and OS X platforms.
  • Metaio Creator – The metaio Creator is augmented reality software that allows users to create a complete AR scenario without specialized programming knowledge through a drag and drop interface.
  • Metaio CVS – metaio Continuous Visual Search (CVS) manages marker searching online for instant image recognition
  • Metaio Cloud – The metaio Cloud allows developers to store and manage content online.
  • Junaio – junaio is an augmented reality browser which allows users to experience mobile augmented reality through multiple channels on their mobile devices.
  • Metaio Engineer – metaio Engineer provides solutions for technical assignments from the visualization of future facilities within a current production environment over illustrating working instructions on a component to deviation measurement between the virtual and reality.

Below are several videos that showcase the company’s abilities: