OUYA, an open game platform and console for television, received a significant investment from China-based online retailer Alibaba Group. California-based OUYA intends to partner with Alibaba to bring its library of games to Alibaba’s YunOS platform in China.

The open source platform and games distributor OUYA has struggled to achieve success since its launch in 2013. However, the $10 million investment by Alibaba could create new possibilities, both for the company and Western developers.

Ouya will be working with Alibaba to bring the platform’s library of more than 1,000 games to China on Alibaba’s Tmall set-top box. Alibaba’s Tmall set top box runs YunOS as an operating system and allows users to shop, watch movies and television shows, and play cloud-based games such as Street Fighter 4 and Winning Eleven 2014 on their televisions.

“Markets, like China, without the baggage of the U.S. console market, could be the game console leaders in 10 years,” said Julie Uhrman, Ouya founder and CEO. “That’s where Ouya wants to be.”

In addition to opening up a new market for Ouya, the move provides Western developers – many of whom are independents – the opportunity to bring their games abroad.

There has been tremendous interest in bringing games to televisions in China since the Chinese government’s decision to lift its 13-year ban on game consoles. Chinese gamers’ familiarity with downloadable, free-to-play games make the China market a natural fit for the new wave of digital game consoles – in which OUYA is the leader.