Twitch announced today that it has acquired GoodGame, a talent and content agency that manages ad deals and brands for people who create content around competitive video gaming. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. On the Twitch website the official press release states of the acquisition:

Twitch takes another big step in video game broadcasting and esports by adding more services to its partner program — bringing advertisers new ways to reach this rapidly-growing audience, and providing more revenue opportunities to broadcasters and players


On GoodGame’s site, the company’s CEO Alex Garfield wrote a blog, Why I Sold GoodGame to Twitch. In the post, Garfield said of the announcement, “We view GoodGame as a conduit. Its purpose is to help support as many players and broadcasters as possible by channeling revenue into our community, and making sure it stays here.”

twitch2Twitch itself was acquired by Amazon back in September for $970M in a surprise deal as many thought was going to Google’s YouTube group.

The game streaming company, highlighted GoodGame’s success at drawing high-profile advertisers into funding opportunities with eSports content creators and teams. Twitch praised GoodGame’s ability to offer “an arsenal of fresh, non-traditional engagement methods uniquely suited to the ever-evolving digital media audience.”