Fuse Powered has acquired Corona Labs, a leading mobile game and app development platform based in Palo Alto, California.

Corona products (Corona SDK, CoronaCards, and Corona Enterprise) can be used to create cross platform games or apps or distribute rich content to existing games across any platform or device. Corona was designed to democratize app development by empowering all app creators, from independents to large publishers, to create apps faster and easier. Corona’s community has grown to more than 300,000 developers worldwide, which speaks volumes to the strength of the product and the Corona team.

We started as a mobile game developer and publisher. We built the tools we felt we needed to thrive in a freemium world. As we built these tools, more of our publishing partners asked us to use them, so we ultimately decided to launch these tools commercially and focus 100% on helping more publishers make more successful games. We understand making and publishing games. It’s in our DNA. Even though we’ve evolved our business into a platform, we still see the industry from a publisher’s perspective. We know our customers and care about their business, their games, and their players.

Like Fuse, Corona is a lean independent startup with a vision to help mobile game publishers make great games and succeed. We’ve come at it in two very different, but very complementary, ways. Corona helps publishers make great games. We help publishers understand their audiences and make more money by giving those audiences what they want (and are willing to pay for).

Corona Labs

With Corona, we add a world-class proven technology platform and engineering team, expand our presence in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and most importantly, extend our vision of providing an integrated platform that allows mobile publishers to be more successful with less hassle.

Together, we achieve significant scale. We now have more than 200 million monthly active users in our network. We now provide a powerful combined platform that supports more than 10,000 mobile game and app publishers worldwide. We provide the first available one stop solution in the market, with integrated tools to develop world class mobile games and apps and the instrumentation and tools to allow publishers to manage their audiences and make more money.

Together, we’ll continue investing in the Corona platform and bringing the quality of tools you have come to expect. We’re also looking forward to what comes next: the opportunity to deliver our market leading IAP and ad monetization solution to Corona’s publisher community and developing the next generation of revenue generating products that are truly revolutionary.

Source: Fuse Powered